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Webroot BrightCloud® Security Services offer unique, easy to integrate security solutions to help protect your customers from malicious applications and other internet threats, anywhere and on any mobile device.

As end users rely increasingly on smartphones and tablets for their personal and business activities, they store more and more valuable information on those devices. This provides an attractive threat vector for cybercriminals, causing mobile threats to become more prevalent and more sophisticated. BrightCloud Security Services address the ongoing, evolving and increasingly dangerous mobile threat landscape.

Leveraging threat data gather by the Webroot® Intelligence Network, the world's most comprehensive cloud-based security intelligence platform, Webroot provides a range of solutions to meet the unique needs of mobile vendors. Our suite of security solutions protects devices from malware, malicious websites, and application hijacks.

We had to make our security offering unique, so instead of focusing on devices alone, we looked at the use of applications and the enterprise data they connect with. We needed a solution that was as effective but offered additional capabilities not available from other security providers.
- Bartosz Leoszewski CEO, FancyFon

BrightCloud Security Services

Mobile App Reputation Service

Categorizes and scores app using multi-stage analysis and advanced algorithms to ensure they are safe and compliant.

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Mobile Security SDK

Provides protection against known and unknown mobile threats through antivirus, antimalware, and secure browsing.

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SecureWeb Browser SDK

Protects networks even if users turn on Android Incognito mode, through a fully functional standalone Android browser.

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Our SDKs and services are designed for integration by Mobile Device Management (MDM) providers, mobile business app developers, device manufacturers, SaaS providers, app stores, and security vendors.

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