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Webroot BrightCloud® Security Services redefine online threat intelligence. Our advanced, self-learning network continuously scans the internet, leaving nowhere for threats to hide. This enables partners to provide customers with unmatched early detection capabilities through an innovative collection of easily-integrated cloud-based security intelligence solutions. These solutions provide security intelligence capabilities that maximize business performance and safeguard customers against rapidly evolving internet threats, such as phishing, Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and modern malware.

The Webroot BrightCloud suite of security solutions is powered by the Webroot® Intelligence Network, which produces the world's most comprehensive cloud-based security intelligence. Its richness of real-time, actionable information allows security vendors to layer and integrate important security features into their solutions without the associated cost and performance impacts from having to heavily invest in cloud-based backend systems and datacenter infrastructure for such contextually aware security.

Corero's First Line of Defense network security products are a critical protection layer for businesses to reduce security vulnerabilities and mitigate risks and adding Webroot ensures our customers continue to get the most comprehensive solution available on the market.
Marty Meyer, Corero President

BrightCloud Security Services

Web Classification Service

Provides content classification for billions of web pages to keep your customers safe from known and unknown online threats.
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Web Reputation Service

Offers protection against malicious websites and the ability to finely tune security settings based on business needs.
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IP Reputation Service

Publishes a dynamic intelligence on high-risk IP addresses and insight into inbound and outbound communications.
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File Reputation Service

Real-time lookup service of known malicious and whitelisted files to stop the distribution of malware threats.
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Real-Time Anti-Phishing Service

Protects against phishing attacks through real-time scans of web sites before they are visited.
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Integrate sophisticated Webroot security applications quickly and easily using our intuitive software development kit (SDK), REST services, and API to stay ahead of the curve with your network security offerings.

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