Webroot BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence Services

Today's cybercriminals are launching dynamic, stealth malware that is targeted and designed to infiltrate defenses through multiple entry points of a network, including mobile devices. Companies need security as dynamic as the attacks it defends against, that can keep ahead of the proliferation of today's threats, and that protect against new threats that may only live in the wild for hours or minutes.

BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence Services leverage the Webroot® Intelligence Network (WIN), an advanced cloud-based security platform, which is enhanced by a contextual database to correlate information for dynamic intelligence. They provide partners with next-generation, collective threat intelligence that is always up to date, highly accurate, contextual, and actionable. Webroot does this through robust threat intelligence services covering internet, file, and mobile threats.

BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services Overview


BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services

Web Classification Service

Provides content classification for billions of web pages to keep your customers safe from online threats.

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Web Reputation Service

Forecasts the security risk of visiting a website and enables administrators to finely tune security settings.

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IP Reputation Service

Publishes dynamic intelligence of high-risk IP addresses and insight into inbound and outbound communications.

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File Reputation Service

Provides dynamic file reputation intelligence of known malicious and whitelisted files to stop the distribution of malware.

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Real-Time Anti-Phishing Service

Catches advanced phishing attacks by providing time-of-need protection through real-time scans before sites are visited.

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Mobile App Reputation Service

Categorizes and scores apps using multi-stage analysis and advanced algorithms to ensure they are safe and compliant.

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Mobile Security SDK

Provides industry-leading protection against mobile threats through antivirus, antimalware, and secure web browsing.

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SecureWeb™ Browser SDK

This standalone Android browser ensures both users and networks are protected from malicious sites.

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Webroot Intelligence Network

Through WIN, data is fed into the cloud from millions of global sensors, where it is analyzed and correlated with other URLs, IPs, files, and mobile apps. That threat intelligence is then available to Webroot partners around the globe through BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services. WIN features limitless scale, lightning fast data processing, and a globally distributed database cluster for high performance and resilience.

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Partner Benefits with BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services

  • Threats Can't Hide from BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services
    Webroot evaluates behavioral and contextual data to categorize and score the risk of never-before-seen threats, providing partners the insight they need to secure customer networks and endpoints.
  • We Find Attacks Before They Find Your Customers
    With millions of nodes continually capturing data, WIN analyzes and identifies attacks in real time so Webroot partners can protect customers' networks and endpoints before they get infected.
  • Perfect Knowledge Equals Superior Protection
    BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services leverage contextual intelligence and behavior analysis to overcome the pace of malware innovation, rendering the next generation of threats obsolete.
  • Security from Any Source, On Any Device
    With security solutions covering internet, file, and mobile attacks, BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services provide real-time threat intelligence to protect devices in any environment.