BrightCloud® Mobile Security SDK

From June 2011 to June 2014, the Webroot Threat Research team documented an increase of 5,564% of mobile malware targeting Android™ devices. In addition, individuals using smartphones and tablets tend to engage in activities that increase the risk of attacks on the business, such as using social media sites or visiting vulnerable websites. Mobile devices are also susceptible to physical loss or theft, which means a person outside the organization might gain access to corporate data.

The BrightCloud Mobile Security SDK for Android™ and iOS® addresses mobile device vulnerabilities by enabling mobile management partners to offer enhanced security for their customers. It features antivirus, antimalware, device and application interrogation, secure web browsing and classification, and an overall device score for administrators to assess the risk levels of devices on their network. The SDK is lightweight and efficient, utilizing very little memory, bandwidth, or battery life. A fully functional mobile security SDK offers significantly better protection than a simple, static blacklist approach.

The BrightCloud Mobile Security SDK features several modules. Mobile management partners can choose from an Active Protection Service, a Scanner Service, an Application Information Module, a Device Information Module, the SecureWeb™ Browser, and Device Risk Score. Partners have access to all of these services, with the flexibility to leverage any permutation based on their unique needs.

  • Offer your customers industry-leading protection against mobile threats
  • Harness intelligence from millions of sources via the world's most powerful cloud security network
  • Simple, UI-less integration puts your brand at the forefront of the user experience
  • Powerful protection with a lightweight footprint and minimal battery drain to satisfy your customers

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