BrightCloud® SecureWeb™ Browser

Although the BrightCloud® Mobile Security SDK allows vendors to offer enhanced mobile security – including antivirus, antimalware, secure web browsing, and web classification – protection using web classification is not possible when users browse in Android Incognito mode. For such cases, Webroot offers a mobile web browser called SecureWeb. Partners can implement the BrightCloud SecureWeb Browser as the default and only browser used by devices managed by their MDM platform.

The BrightCloud SecureWeb Browser uses proprietary Webroot web classification and web reputation databases to prevent users from connecting to malicious sites, including phishing sites. Security administrators can manage web filtering settings and categories to:

  • Block a specific URL, category or categories of URLs
  • Modify the list of blocked categories
  • Ignore specific URLs
  • Modify the list of ignored URLs
  • Ignore an entire domain
  • Develop custom block pages

Mobile vendors integrating the BrightCloud SecureWeb Browser can filter content based on 83+ categories, such as gambling, pornography, and social networking sites. The feature works with the standard Android browser or can be embedded within a partner's browser.

  • Protect customers' users, devices and networks from malware, even with Android Incognito mode
  • Harness intelligence from millions of sources via the world's most powerful cloud security network
  • Simple, UI-less integration puts your brand at the forefront of the user experience
  • Powerful protection with a lightweight footprint and minimal battery drain to satisfy your customers

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