BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence Overview for Embedded Security Partners

BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services unify access to the Webroot® Threat Intelligence Platform through SDKs and API calls for integration by security and other vendors.
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BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services

Web Classification and Web Reputation

BrightCloud Web Classification provides content classification for billions of web pages, classified across 82 categories, to keep end users compliant with policies and improve network performance by blocking unwanted content.

BrightCloud Web Reputation forecasts the security risk of visiting a website, enabling our embedded security partners to protect their customers from malicious sites, regardless of classification, through finely tuned security settings based on unique business needs.

BrightCloud supports API calls to return content classification and reputation information on one or more URLs, as well as extended reputation information, WHOIS information, category name and ID listing, phishing score, and many other attributes.

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IP Reputation

This service analyzes IP threats and publishes a dynamic data set of millions of high-risk IP addresses, to protect users from inbound traffic from malicious IPs.

BrightCloud supports API calls to return threat information, geographical information, or threat information on one or more IPs.

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Real-Time Anti-Phishing

Purpose-built to catch advanced phishing attacks that can expose an organization to breaches and data loss, this service provides time-of-need protection through real-time scans faster than the time it takes for a page to download.

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Streaming Malware Detection

Streaming Malware Detection provides a pre-compiled SDK for integration to make extremely fast and reliable good, bad, or unknown determinations on files as they stream through network edge or other devices.

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File Reputation

A continuously updated real-time lookup service of known malicious and white-listed file identifiers helps security teams allow good traffic and stop the distribution of malware threats through networks.

BrightCloud supports API calls to return reputation information for a file given its binary MD5.

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Mobile Security SDK

This UI-less SDK can be embedded into mobile solutions to address device vulnerabilities through enhanced security features such as antivirus, antimalware, device and app interrogation, and an overall device risk score.

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Mobile App Reputation

This service collects detailed application data, then categorizes and assigns a score to help ensure mobile applications are safe and compliant, and that connected devices don't pose unnecessary risk.

We support API calls to return reputation information for an application. The method will attempt to obtain sample-specific reputation first, and if no sample is found, it will attempt to compute aggregate reputation for the package.

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Brightcloud APIs

Supplementary Intelligence


Contextual Database APIs

This database exposes the connection between URLs, IP addresses, files, and mobile applications via API calls to complement the core BrightCloud Threat Intelligence services.


Threat Insight APIs

These supplementary API calls are offered as an addition to the core BrightCloud Threat Intelligence services to provide additional indicators of compromize on URLs and IP addresses.

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