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Webroot collects and maintains the most accurate and most up-to-date repository of categorized websites in the industry, which encompasses tens of billions of URLs. BrightCloud Web Services is a RESTful API service for developers to access Webroot BrightCloud URL classification and reputation data. Developers can use the service to make API calls and receive the category or categories for the content of a URL (selected from 82 distinct categories) and the reputation index for a URL. It is strictly for internal enterprise use. Security, network, and other vendors who want to integrate threat intelligence into their solutions should visit the BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services for Embedded Security Partners page.


You only pay for what you use. Once you sign up, you can purchase API request bundles at the rates below. We provide an account balance so you know how many requests you have remaining, and you can reload your balance at any time. There are no additional sign-up or set-up fees.

Rates for API calls include volume discounts:

  • $30 per 50,000 API requests
  • $450 per 1,000,000 API requests