BrightCloud® Web Classification Service

Web classification continues to present a unique security challenge to anyone trying to offer secure web access to enterprises. In addition to keeping track of hundreds of millions of websites (with millions more added every year), security vendors must protect users who are exposed to phishing, keyloggers, spyware, drive-by malware and the many other types of malicious code encountered during normal internet usage. Even legitimate sites are compromised regularly, while others shift rapidly between malicious and benign to avoid detection.

The BrightCloud Web Classification Service offers network and security vendors the most effective way to help enterprise customers secure their users against web threats. Adding web classification functionality enables them to protect their customers against the security threats found within many website content categories. In addition, with the superior coverage and much improved visibility provided by this Webroot service, security vendors are able to reach and maintain leadership in addressing customers' key concerns, including employee productivity, IT and bandwidth resources, and legal liabilities around web usage and compliance.

BrightCloud Web Classification Service
Web Classification Service

The advanced, self-learning Webroot network continuously scans the internet, leaving no place for threats to hide. Using a highly sophisticated combination of global threat sensors, machine learning algorithms and human classification, Webroot maintains and expands its knowledge of website classifications and integrates this information into the BrightCloud Web Classification Service for partners. At this time, the Webroot analysis engine classifies 2,500+ URLs per second with an error rate of less than 2% (versus an average human error rate of 5-15%). Sites in the key security risk categories that propagate malware, spam, spyware, adware, and phishing are then made available to partners in real time. This service can be further enhanced by the BrightCloud Web Reputation Service.

Webroot Web Classification Metrics

  • 460+ million domains and 13+ billion URLs scored and classified
  • 83+ categories
  • 45+ languages
  • 4.3+ billion IP addresses monitored
  • 12+ million dangerous IPs constantly updated

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