Powerful AI/ML backed insights available via modular services

BrightCloud™ Threat Intelligence Services aligned to your use cases - from traditional threat detection to cloud application risk insights.

Superior threat intelligence

BrightCloud Threat Intelligence helps you:

  • Find threats across 4.39 billion+ IPv4 and in-use IPv6
  • Uncover granular insights into 1 billion+ domains for automated policy-based decision-making
  • Discover real-time look up from 38 billion+ records of malicious and whitelisted file behaviors
  • Prevent zero-day and polymorphic malware

Modern threats are here today and gone tomorrow. Our cloud-based platform is a much-needed successor to static and list-based threat feeds.

Services designed to enable measurable outcomes

Web Classification

Keep users safe
and productive

The BrightCloud Web Classification and Reputation Service provides predictive risk scoring for more than 43 billion URLs and counting, so you can prevent users from navigating to risky sites.

IP Reputation

Block bad
inbound traffic

The BrightCloud IP Reputation Service scours all IPv4 and in-service IPv6 addresses to uncover 600,000 new malicious IPs daily, enabling you to block traffic originating from known-bad actors.

Real time anti phishing

Stop phishing
in its tracks

The BrightCloud Real-Time Anti-Phishing service helps catch advanced phishing attacks – one of the most common vectors of compromise – to prevent breaches, ransomware and data loss.

Malware Detection

Stay ahead
of malware

The BrightCloud Streaming Malware Detection Service combats both recognized and polymorphic malware by flagging files as they traverse the network perimeter, no bulky static lists required.

File Reputation

Distinguish good
and bad files

The BrightCloud File Reputation Service checks files against a cloud-hosted database of billions of known good and bad file behavior records to efficiently block the bad and allow the good.

Cloud Service Intelligence

Control cloud
app use

BrightCloud Cloud Service Intelligence helps cloud access security brokers and other vendors prevent unsafe, unwanted and non-compliant use of cloud services and applications.

Mobile SDK

mobile devices

The BrightCloud Mobile Security SDK enables technology partners to monitor smartphones for malicious apps, act on threats and check overall status, enhancing the security of mobile devices.

BrightCloud Services

The most dangerous threats span multiple threat vectors. That’s why BrightCloud continually maps connections between URLs, IPs, files and apps to provide greater accuracy and predictive risk scores.


Why use BrightCloud?

We deliver actionable, accurate and contexual insights to help our customers make real-time busienss decisions and manage their risk effectively.

Choose wisely when considering a partner

Evaluating Threat Intelligence

“We evaluated a few different vendors and found that Webroot had the best services in place and the best data quality.”


“In terms of choosing a vendor, I would advise folks to look at what kind of infrastructure they have to provide regular and reliable updates back to the customers.”

Madhu Reddy
Principal Product Manager
F5 Networks

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