BrightCloud™ Web Classification & Web Reputation Service

Protect your users from navigating to more than 43 billion – and counting – known malicious URLs.

Web Classification & Reputation

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BrightCloud provides the broadest, most up-to-date and accurate website intelligence across 82 site categories and significantly improves visibility into all internet usage and enables an added layer of real-time security by accurately assessing the risk posed when opening a URL. By integrating these services, you can protect your customers against malicious web content, help them enforce acceptable web usage policies and improve employee productivity and bandwidth.

The Webroot BrightCloud Web Classification and Web Reputation Service provide the most effective way to block access to unwanted content and protect users against web-based threats.

Empower Users with Better Data

BrightCloud uses cloud-based analytics and the most advanced machine learning in the industry to score billions of URLs according to current attributes, past behaviors and connections to other malicious data objects.

Because the platform uses classifiers working at a rate of 20K classifications per second, and with 500+ classifiers running in parallel, site classification is extremely fast and accurate. It also provides details as to why a site classification was made, empowering admins to make better-informed security decisions.

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The BrightCloud Web Classification and Reputation Service provides predictive risk scoring for more than 43 billion URLs and counting, so you can prevent users from navigating to risky sites.