BrightCloud™ Mobile Security SDK

Your customers are on the moves. Extend your security solutions to mobile device protection.

Mobile Security

Mobile security is no joke.

Potentially unwanted apps (PUAs) can be unwanted for a number of reasons – while masquerading as legitimate, they often introduce adware, spyware, Trojans or worse onto mobile devices. Combine this with the number of people who work from their smartphones, and organizations are looking at a real security liability.

Mobile Devices CAN Be Protected.

The Webroot BrightCloud Mobile Security SDK addresses mobile device vulnerabilities by enabling mobile management partners to offer enhanced security options to their customers.

  • Blocks malicious URLs and phishing attacks via secure web browsing
  • Stops malicious and potentially unwanted apps
  • Provides a device risk score to prevent compromised devices from accessing networks
  • Does not slow devices or hinder productivity
  • Has a modular format that enables it to be tailored to partners’ specific needs

Take the next step

The BrightCloud Mobile Security SDK enables technology partners to monitor smartphones for malicious apps, act on threats and check overall status, enhancing the security of mobile devices.