BrightCloud™ Cloud Service Intelligence

Up-to-the-minute intelligence on cloud services for cloud acess security brokers and other technology providers

Cloud Service

The cloud isn’t the future.
It’s the present.

Remote work is here to stay, and so is cloud access to company resources from beyond the corporate firewall. This presents challenges for organizations in terms of securing cloud access, managing shadow IT, safeguarding data, maintaining compliance and enforcing usage policies.

Identify and manage interactions with cloud services and associated applications.

BrightCloud Cloud Service Intelligence enables cloud access security brokers (CASBs) and other technology vendors to prevent unsafe, unsanctioned, unwanted or noncompliant usage of cloud services and applications, i.e. shadow IT by enforcing data-centric security policies.

It helps companies:

  • Gain visibility into which cloud applications are being used
  • Better understand how a specific application is being used
  • Gain insight into the service or application’s reputation to manage access, compliance and risk

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BrightCloud Cloud Service Intelligence helps cloud access security brokers and other vendors prevent unsafe, unwanted and non-compliant use of cloud services and applications.