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Unmatched historical threat insights and unique ability to contextualize

Unlock strategies against evolving cyber threats

BrightCloud is the #1 choice for leading security vendors and the largest cloud providers.

Actionable insights from threat detection to risk management

BrightCloud Threat Intelligence

BrightCloud® Threat Intelligence protects your customers from malicious URLs, IPs, files and mobile apps by integrating accurate and near real-time threat intelligence. Because today’s cyber threat landscape shifts rapidly, instantaneous updates must replace static and list-based antivirus solutions.

Our cloud-based platform, powered by sixth-generation machine learning, provides unmatched reliability, accuracy, depth and timeliness. Trusted by over 140 security leaders and innovators, this predictive threat intelligence keeps technology vendors and their customers a step ahead of today's threats.

Actionable and accurate insights

Enabled by AI/ML foundation and rich history



Automate security decision making with advanced machine learning informed by hundreds of millions of real-world data sources for up-to-the-minute threat recognition.



Contextual threat intelligence scores data objects by current attributes, past behaviors and relations to malicious objects, resulting in highly accurate predictive scores of likely maliciousness.



With more than a decade of experience with machine learning, we are trusted by industry-leading IT security vendors for accurate threat intelligence and low rates of false positives.


Why choose BrightCloud?

Because you need a timely, effective threat intelligence feed for a rapidly shifting threat landscape. And the right partner to help you implement it.

ease of deployment


You want threat intelligence that's easily integrated into your solutions, without having to become security experts.



You want to integrate actionable threat intelligence that is accurate, cloud-based and up to date with the latest threats.



You want to make your solutions stand out with additional security features and to meet regulatory compliance standards.

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BrightCloud’s easy-to-integrate SDK allowed A10 to incorporate numerous BrightCloud services to provide additional data and security to its customers.


Citrix’s research shows that BrightCloud’s IP Reputation Service offers the most comprehensive database of known problematic IP addresses.


When the secure remote access platform NetMotion needed to integrate reputation monitoring into a new product release, they turned to BrightCloud.

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