BrightCloud™ Real-Time Anti-Phishing Service

Protect users from one of the most common methods of compromises in real time.

Phishing Service

Phishing bites.

Phishing sites spiked by 510% from January-February 2020 alone, with the average percentage increase for the entirety of 2020 being 34%.1

In a recent study of more than 300 global IT professionals, 75% reported suffering negative consequences from phishing attacks including downtime, leaked data, lost productivity and compliance fines.

1 Webroot Inc. "2021 Webroot Threat Report." (February 2020)

There’s a smarter way to protect your customers.

Webroot leverages advanced machine learning and content classification to automate the detection of phishing sites. The service crawls and evaluates requested URLs in milliseconds using hundreds of site attributes as well as external factors associated with the site. With Webroot BrightCloud Anti-Phishing, you get up-to-the-minute intel on zero-hour phishing activities.

The Webroot BrightCloud Real-Time Anti-Phishing Service enables security vendors to leverage time-of-need web page (or URL) scans to prevent users from visiting malicious sites.

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The BrightCloud Real-Time Anti-Phishing service helps catch advanced phishing attacks – one of the most common vectors of compromise – to prevent breaches, ransomware and data loss.