BrightCloud™ Streaming Malware Detection

Most malware is unique to a single machine. Detect it anyway with polymorphic malware protection from BrightCloud.

Malware Detection

Snuff out malware.

Most modern malware changes its form to evade detection and variants tend to be short-lived. As a result, traditional and network-based approaches are too slow and ineffective to protect businesses.

Instead, malware must be detected before it’s able to penetrate a network and spread. Static and list-based methods of defense are unable to do this.

Detection and Protection and the Network Edge.

BrightCloud inspects files, packet by packet, as they stream through a network device. Making determinations about polymorphic malware, zero-day and other malicious files, this service can detect malware before it infiltrates a network, enabling partner devices to block the files or route for further investigation.

Using machine learning and massive datasets, the platform makes determinations on threat detections in milliseconds, orders of magnitude faster than sandboxes.

Take the next step

The BrightCloud Streaming Malware Detection Service combats both recognized and polymorphic malware by flagging files as they traverse the network perimeter, no bulky static lists required.