BrightCloud® Web Reputation Service

With the wide proliferation of malware threats, traditional list-based internet protection is increasingly obsolete. Dynamically generated user content, mashups, rapid deployments, website structure, and links change very quickly, providing fertile ground for malware authors and creating a serious security gap. The BrightCloud Web Reputation Service helps overcome this gap by delivering an up-to-date security check of the websites users are visiting.

Network and security vendors can add a layer of real-time security to their customers' web defenses by accurately assessing the risk posed when opening a URL. This critical layer of proactive protection helps defend against emerging threats by determining a website's risk level – independent of its site category.

The BrightCloud Web Reputation Service is powered by the Webroot® Intelligence Network (WIN). WIN has classified over 13 billion URLs to-date, and intelligence on new and known sites is continuously created and refreshed to ensure that reputation scores are always as current as possible. Additional contextual analysis correlates the site's relationship to other scored URLs, IPs, files, and mobile apps.

Partners can integrate the BrightCloud Web Reputation Index (WRI) to protect their customers through rich web filtering policies. WRI scores range from 1 to 100 across five tiers, enabling enterprises to finely tune their security settings and proactively prevent attacks by limiting the risk of end user exposure to inappropriate or malicious web content.

  • Offer industry-leading protection against malicious websites, using WRI to finely tune security settings
  • Harness the world's most powerful cloud-based security analysis engine
  • Simple, flexible integration options let you use the latest web reputation intelligence to suit your needs
  • Users are protected from malicious sites via real-time intelligence that won't impact their online experience

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