We stand with Ukraine

We stand with the people of Ukraine, whose country is being attacked in an unprovoked war against an independent sovereign nation with a democratically elected government.

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supporting Ukraine

Supporting Ukraine

OpenText has halted all business in Russia, and this will continue until the war ends and sanctions are lifted. We will continuously monitor the situation and adjust our business practices as required, keeping our employees, customers, and partners informed. OpenText is proud to partner with the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and has made a $100,000 USD donation in support of their ongoing humanitarian efforts in Ukraine. Read more about our efforts.

This crisis has wide-ranging impacts on our customers, and we’ve reached out to let them know that OpenText is here for support. We expect there will be business disruptions, and we are ready to work quickly to help find solutions. Protecting customer and partner data is our top priority. We will continue to adopt a proactive and vigilant approach in monitoring cyber-threats. We have a defined security incident process to address potential exposure and would immediately advise clients in the event of a breach or data privacy issues.

If you need to quickly make a change because of actions like new sanctions, we’re here to help. Keep operations moving forward in times of uncertainty and ensure your workforce can maintain momentum. Our experts are ready to assist you to discuss what type of migration may be best for you.

Unmatched threat intelligence

The changing threat landscape has far-reaching consequences. We have 285+ million real-world sensors deployed globally to detect this increased threat activity and to proactively protect our partners and customers. Trusted by over 140 security leaders and innovators, our threat intelligence – powered by sixth-generation machine learning – has unmatched reliability, accuracy, depth and timeliness.

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Achieve cyber resilience

A defense in depth provides the best cyber defense. Our powerhouse platform combines cyber security from Webroot with data management from Carbonite to empower you and your business to achieve cyber resilience. Our comprehensive protection lets you stay online and working, even in the face of ongoing and evolving cyberattacks.

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